To put hello it simply, I’m an odd duck. I also like tech. I’ve Been working with technology for decades. If you really want to know about me, visit my main side at PlanetFor.us.

The Website

As I mentioned, I like tech and I love learning new things. As I learn, I need a place to document my adventures.

Located on these posts will be my experiences. Mostly though it is a place for my to record things I learn. This has a dual purpose. One for me to teach myself. As I learn, I can write down in a way to teach future self. Why make it public? If someone else can learn from what I have learned, then all the better.

What better way of learning something but to build with it. This blog is built using Jekyll. As I’m learning this site will become better.


Learning means that things earlier will need to be updated. If the post was very recent, I will update the post without changing the date. If the post is older, or the correction is larger, A new post will be created. Maybe I’ll add an update section to the original blog post. We’ll see as time goes along.